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  • What should I expect at my first appointment?
    1. Intake, assessment and discussion: First, we'll review your intake form and talk about what brings you in, and I will complete an assessment. We'll go over goals and expectations, and I will provide an idea of how many treatments may be needed to address your concerns, and answers any questions you have. 2. The treatment: I'll leave and give you a moment to change or get comfortable on the acupuncture table, before returning to insert the needles. These will be left in for 15-45 minutes while you rest and relax. Blankets and a heat lamp are provided to keep you warm and cozy, and a pager is provided if you need assistance during the resting period. I may also apply cupping, guasha or ear seeds if appropriate for your condition. 3. After treatment: I will remove the needles, and we'll discuss any home care recommendations such as herbal formulas, dietary protocols or self-acupressure techniques to support and increase your progress between appointments.
  • What if I'm afraid of needles?
    This is normal, and there are options! Option 1: If you want to try acupuncture but are hesitant: My approach is consent-led and trauma-informed, so I prioritize my clients' feelings of safety and comfort first and foremost. I can walk you through each step, use optional relaxation techniques to put you more at ease, and answer any questions along the way. We will go slow and use gentle points and needling techniques to ease you into the acupuncture experience. If at any time you decide you're not comfortable, you are welcome to change your mind and move to no-needle techniques - see below. Option 2: If you definitely don't want needles, but want the benefits of acupuncture: In this case, book a no-needle treatment. This appointment uses techniques such as cupping, gua sha, acupressure massage, and ear seeds to stimulate acupuncture points for a similar therapeutic effect. Because these techniques fall under the scope of acupuncture, they are billable under acupuncture benefits (when performed by a registered acupuncturist).
  • How do I prepare for an acupuncture appointment?
    Before: Make sure you fill out the intake form (sent to you by email) before your first appointment. You can find a link to this form in your booking confirmation emails. Have a snack or light meal and some water before your treatment, but avoid heavy meals or alcohol. What to wear: Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Most treatments will use points on the lower arms and legs, as well as sometimes on the ears, head, abdomen or back, so loose clothing can be rolled up if needed. Some people prefer to wear a tank top or sports bra for upper arms and shoulder conditions, or shorts for legs conditions. Regardless of what you wear, blankets are provided to keep you covered and warm. You may also want to bring: -Health benefits information for direct billing -Your own music and headphones -Waterbottle and snack for after your treatment
  • How many treatments will I need? How often?
    For most conditions an initial series of weekly treatments for 6-10 weeks is recommended to start. We will discuss a treatment plan at your first visit, based on your unique situation. After the initial set of visits, we will re-evaluate, and a set of less frequent treatments (for example, once per month for a few months) may be recommended to sustain results. The results of acupuncture are cumulative, so each treatment builds on the progress of previous treatments. Therefore, results are usually quickest and most sustained when a patient is able to commit to a regular set of treatments. The number of treatments needed depends on the severity of the condition, how long it's been going on, the patient's overall health, and many other factors.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    Generally speaking, no! Acupuncture needles are really thin. Some people don't feel them at all, while others will notice a pinching or pricking sensation, tenderness, or achiness at the needle sites. These feelings are normal and will gradually decrease during the treatment or once the needle is removed. Acupuncture naturally stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (aka "rest and digest mode") so overall it's quite relaxing. Some people even fall asleep during their treatments!
  • Is Bowness Acupuncture accessible for mobility devices?
    Unfortunately, the clinic is not fully accessible at this time. Bowness Acupuncture is a home-based facility, and visitors will need to cross a single outdoor step and an indoor staircase with 7 steps to access the clinic space.
  • Do you accept insurance? Do you provide direct billing?
    Yes, I provide direct billing to most major insurance companies including: Alberta Blue Cross, Sun Life, Green Shield, Medavie Blue Cross, and any provider on the Telus eClaims network (i.e. Johnston Group, Chamber of Commerce, Manulife, Canada Life, etc.). Click here and scroll down for a complete list of Telus eClaims providers.
  • Is Bowness Acupuncture LGBTQIA2S+ friendly?
    Yes, Bowness Acupuncture aims to be a safe and inclusive healthcare space for trans and gender diverse folks. Acupuncturist Dr. Alex Judd (she/her) is a member of Skipping Stone's Trans Affirming Network.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Bowness Acupuncture requires 24 hours notice of any appointment change or cancellation. Late cancellation and no shows are subject to a cancellation fee. Click here to view policy and fees.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    The simplest way to book is using the online system - click here. Click on an appointment type, followed by a time slot, then follow the instructions. You will need to set up an account and provide a credit card on file to secure your appointment. If you need assistance with online booking, cannot find a time that works for you, or prefer to book by phone, call 403-988-3929.
  • How do I get there? Where do I park?
    This is a home-based clinic located near the Bowness Superstore and Our Lady of the Assumption School. The exact address will be provided upon booking via email and text. A free parking spot will be available directly in front of the house.
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