Community Acupuncture

FAQs and Upcoming Sessions
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Upcoming Sessions


Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at The Magic Pantry (Bowness)

Time: 1 - 3 PM 

Treatment Length: 30 minutes

Fee: Pay what you want (suggested $10)

Location: The Magic Pantry - 6324 Bowness Road NW Calgary

Registration: Drop-in or sign-up online to reserve your spot

** Stay after your treatment to enjoy incredible food and drink for purchase at the Magic Pantry - and ask all your acupuncture questions! 


What is Community Acupuncture?


Community Acupuncture is a more affordable and accessible way to experience acupuncture. Rather than private rooms, participants will be seated in one larger room. The atmosphere is quiet, relaxed, and supportive. This is an easy and low cost way to experience acupuncture, whether it's your first or 100th time.

What does it do?


5 needles are placed on each ear following the NADA protocol - a set of points that promotes overall relaxation and balance. It's also used around the world to treat stress, anxiety, PTSD, and addictions. You will likely feel a sense of relaxation and bliss right away, and this effect may continue for a few hours (or even days) after you leave. 

What should I expect in the treatment?


There's not much to it! You'll take a seat and get comfortable. Needles will be placed and you'll relax with them in for 30-45 minutes. Since the needles are only in your ears, you can move around in your seat but avoid standing up until the end of the treatment.

What do I bring or need to prepare?

-You may wish to have a light snack or meal before you come. 

-Dress comfortably.

-Headphones are optional - if you prefer to listen to your own music or a podcast.

-Food and drink available at the Magic Pantry before and after!

How will it feel? What if I'm scared of needles?


Some people feel a slight pinching sensation as they go in (that disappears quickly), others don't feel them go in at all!

If you don't want needles, a needle-free option is available called ear seeds. These are small beads applied to acupuncture points with medical tape. It creates a similar effect, and you can leave them on for 5 days - then just peel them off!

Can anyone get acupuncture?


Yes, everyone is welcome! (Recommended ages 12 and up). You'll complete a brief intake form before you arrive so Dr. Alex knows what treatment is right for you.